The Power of Intimacy

Imagine your return to the arms and magic of intimacy. This channel is a beautiful, touching exploration of how intimacy works energetically and why it is a source of life force that will sustain your deepening humanity both now in the years to come.

"Imagine if you woke each day and said to yourself:
Today I will invoke beautiful intimacy on this planet."

Relationships are so key for growth, not just for pleasure or love - and you are more dependent on one another for growth than many realise. The love that you share, the characteristics you get to reveal and encourage with others, the energy fields you create - it is part of your magic. As conscious creators you will lead the way with your creation of intimacy and that is how a world changes.

Allow this magical musical channeled journey to move you beyond your intimacy wounds of the past and powerfully into the journey of bringing more of who you are and your love to others.


  • Embracing and recognizing the power of intimacy as the force of life and change and connection that it is
  • Bringing yourself to relationship
  • Letting go of and moving through intimacy wounds
  • The power of shared energy fields
  • How intimacy with others helps us discover who we are
  • Intimacy as a healing force on the planet

Recorded at Lee’s Soul Mastery Retreat in Boone, North Carolina in June 2018 this channeled MP3 also features the transformational music and sound healing of Lee Harris, Narada Wise and Lana Sugarman throughout.

"So those of you who get locked in a story that intimacy and connection is not for you, we assure you, intimacy can outweigh your story. It can hold on longer than you will be able to hold onto that story until you are ready to return to its arms and its magic."

Running time: 58 minutes



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